clean yo social

Listen, we’ve all been sloppy.  Thank Baby Jesus, when I was at my sloppiest Mark Zuckerberg was probably just a middle school student, and cell phones didn’t even take pictures.  I thought texting was the end all, be all.

But now, everybody thinks it’s a good idea to upload old sloppy pictures from your college days & tag you in it.  You even do it to yourself- you’re on your third glass of wine & think you look cute.    Can you just do me a favor & clean that ish up when you’re on the job hunt?  

Let’s take it back to high school days:  just like after every good party, it’s clean-up time.  And you got to do it before your parent’s get home. I’m not even going to tell you to remove it- just lock your stuff up so your recruiter or hiring manager does not see your business when they’re casually googling you.

Facebook is probably the highest searched second to LinkedIn, so let’s start here:  

This is your settings dropdown.  Go here first.
settings FB

Click the link for PRIVACY next.  We’re almost to where we need to be, promise.

Now, you’ll just follow the arrows below & modify to be the strictest setting possible.  This means, only friends can see you, tag you and search for you.

privacy settings & tools
Move down to the timeline and tagging menu.  This is your second stop on locking you drama down.

tagging settings

Once you have updated to the most stringent settings, you’re pretty well protected from being searched & your shenanigans being seen by a hiring manager.

Let’s talk about Twitter, y’all.

Kanye has been king of this lately, but we all have our moments of letting the crazy hang out.  While I think you’re okay if the last rant you went on was 2+ years ago, let’s just be safe and remove any tweets that mentions:

  • Drugs
  • Drinking yourself into oblivion
  • Politics are tough, but inflammatory political topics should go
  • Nudes- just no, never
  • Anything you wouldn’t want your momma to see (rule for life, really)

Insta (If you don’t know what Insta is- keep scrolling.)

Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform.  I am bad about using the F-BOMB.  My favorite meme of all time is this saucy bit of delight:

fuck it

Admittedly, I do not search Instagram for new recruits, but someone may.  So, let’s just lock down your Insta by becoming private, or just delete the post while you’re on the job hunt.


This is another post another day.  But for now, let’s just check for spelling errors & sentences that don’t make a bit of sense, why don’t we?



So, there’s a huge amount of porn on Tumblr.  There, I said it.  I don’t know much more about Tumblr, so let’s let the experts weigh in.


For all these others- you’re clearly savvy enough to manage, but for checklist sake; check yo’:

Pinterest (you can easily make boards private)

And NOW you are free to proceed with your job search.