Big Mistake Showtime!

Ugh, here we go again! House of Lies is cancelled while crap like The Bachelor lives on WAY past it’s expiration date. And sorry Kristen Bell- I love you so I’ll probably watch it, but your new NBC show opposite Ted Danson is gonna tank….

Everything you know about resumes is a lie

    This guys wins Resume of the Year.  We are no longer accepting submissions, so don’t even try. Seriously though, instead of the resume being a chore- this illustrates his capabilities, shows his creativity, and the resume reviewer can even learn a little something…

take cover

even though there are a fair number of recruiters out there who don’t read cover letters (ahem, brandy), it’s still something you should put some effort into.  recruiters like myself, and some hiring managers look at the cover letter as a writing sample.  so, make…

adult skills

another Friday, another #adultskills edition