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even though there are a fair number of recruiters out there who don’t read cover letters (ahem, brandy), it’s still something you should put some effort into.  recruiters like myself, and some hiring managers look at the cover letter as a writing sample.  so, make sure your letter is well written and that you have checked it for spelling and grammar errors.

Follow our example:

brandy & jen poprecruiting
123 Any St
Anytown, ST 12345
advice@poprecruiting.com (don’t use your 420bunny@hotmail.com address, please)

April 21, 2016

Company of Interest
456 Main St
Anywhere, ST 12345

If you have a contact name you should put “Dear Mr/s. Contact,” here, if not, just skip this line and go right into the letter,

This first paragraph is where you introduce yourself. This should be brief- we don’t want to see your entire career repeated here (that’s what your resume is for). You should definitely share in this area why you applied for the position & why you are a good fit.  Briefly, you’ll also want to share why you want to work for the company- this is a good chance to show them you did some research.  A hiring manager wants to know that you understand the company and will, of course, see that you would fit as part of their team.

In this paragraph, you can elaborate on your skills- highlighting a particular project is a good idea.  Again, don’t repeat your resume.  You’ll want to describe (BRIEFLY!) a particular project that shows a specific, valuable skill that you have. If you don’t have a specific project to highlight, you could also cover what value you will add to the company.  Again, this should show the hiring manager that you did some research on the company.  You should be aware of where they stand in their industry and any recent accomplishments.  If you like their philanthropic activities, tell them.

Wrap it up! They’ve already spent more time on this note than most do in reading emails. You should express your interest in an interview and that you look forward to hearing back from them.


brandy & jen

Attachment:  Resume

Here’s a good example of a first pass & a better one.  Plus, it has a GOT theme- woot!  It’s back this weekend, y’all.  Time to re-up that HBO Go account!