who are your pop recruiters?

brandy2brandy is a 12 year veteran of the recruiting scene.  she’s worked for global financial services companies, start-ups and mid-size professional services firms.  she believes good recruiters are a partner to their candidates and an adviser to their hiring managers. brandy has strong evidence that a past life of hers was spent digging up the dirt on the starlets of old hollywood.  as a big fan of allegory; she knows exactly the right celebrity gossip to guide you on your job search way.

brandy is distracted easily by pictures of jason momoa and has two loves of her life- one being her old english sheepdog stella bean. she’s always on the hunt for kitschy vintage finds, uses WAY too many finger guns to the head to be in her 30’s, and contemplates daily giving all this up to live in a shack on a caribbean island.

jen2jennifer has twenty plus years of work experience in people.  people pleasing. people managing. people helping.  hr and recruiting.  her art degree is of no help in these areas but it does come in handy when doing arts and crafts with her young daughter. she has worked in retail, publishing and consulting/professional services.  she prefers working for small companies where she has the opportunity to get her hands into a lot of things.  she enjoys getting to know her candidates and matching them up with the right position – both for them and her employer.

jennifer likes extremes.  light yoga and lifting heavy.  dark clothing and bright makeup. pretty kitties and ugly pugs. cold drinks and hot weather.  chris hemsworth and tom hiddleston.